For several years video has been among the most important marketing and communication tools for brands and companies. And there’s no indication that this is going to change. 86% of businesses already use video on their website and 77% use video on social media.*

Despite these high rates, many companies struggle with developing and implementing their own video strategy that allows them to produce larger video campaigns which pay into their strategic and financial goals. And – as time is money – they are also struggling with time and resources. 

Actually, 83% of marketers would increase their reliance on video as a strategy if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget.* And the ROI proves that they are heading in the right direction! According to statistics, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year than marketers that don’t use video.

A need for video content and its obstacles

But why is this so? Almost no other medium allows you to effectively communicate your key messages and values to your stakeholders and at the same time reach them on an highly emotional level. And of course, this emotional impact is going to last, when the video it optimally designed.

To make the most of this difficult situation, marketeers, sales persons and communicators are constantly looking for ways to reconcile video production with tight budgets. And, yes, we are far from talking about a strategy at this point.

There are usually two ways to reconcile video production with tight budgets. 

The first way is to start lots of low-budget projects. This normally means, that you either work with small, relatively inexperienced external or internal teams and produce a bunch of cheaply made “on the fly”-content – just think of your local social media manager holding his smartphone gimbal while he’s dancing around your colleagues. 

Or you choose the second way. This means that you put all your efforts into an expensive “once-in-a-lifetime”-solution (let’s say an image film of your company) and have to stick with the result because adaptations are too costly.

Why not think about updating corporate videos like your personal website?

But isn’t there an alternative to these approaches? Is it possible to rethink video communication and make it more cost efficient, high-level and up-to-date at the same time? And even more important: Is there a way to make the most out of one or just a small number of videos, build a strategy upon them and easily use them for different occasions – let’s say – a global brand campaign AND an internal, personalized message to all employees of a midsized company?

These were questions that we had in mind when we started to develop VARYCON, our innovative content management system for videos. Our goal was to develop a tool that would enable owners of video material to adapt or completely change their material on their own. A software that is intuitive like a modern content management system – very close to the one you maybe already use for updating your personal website.

Increase the life cycle of your video content and reduce costs

Whether it’s text adaptation, the exchange of graphics or entire scenes: With VARYCON you can easily make all changes on your own in an intuitive content management system. 

Why is this an advantage for corporates who want to develop or sharpen their own video strategy?

VARYCON not only allows you to increase the life cycle of your video content. In addition, it reduces costs in many other ways. Most important: It accelerates internal coordination processes, as changes – let’s say for an international campaign with several teams involved – can be made directly by the responsible teams and managers. No need to consult with agencies…

At the same time VARYCON is a perfect mixture of independency and quality assurance, because you have the option to include mandatory approvals of preview videos by a workspace lead before team members can render the watermark-free high-res version of new videos.

Cloud Rendering and Credit System: Reliable overview of time and costs

In that way you get new internationalized videos or videos for your internal staff out of one single video production within minutes – thanks to VARYCON’s cloud-rendering system. All you have to do is confirm the changes and a few minutes later you can download either a watermarked preview or your final high-res video.

In the whole process you take full control of your costs, as VARYCON works with a simple credit system. It shows spending history and credit status transparently at any time and makes it easy to monitor and plan expenses. Credits are used for the set-up of new video projects in the system, the rendering of low-res previews and high-res renderings. 

You want to know more about VARYCON and how its CMS works? Click here.

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