Legions of marketeers, sales persons and communicators worldwide are struggling with the pitfalls of video production and especially adaptation. Long coordination processes regularly consume a large amount of the agreed budget and time.

Nevertheless, video is the “must have”-content for grabbing the attention of various stakeholders in different environments such as landing pages, sales meetings, email-marketing campaigns (internal and external), brand and image campaigns, how-to- and product-videos and many others.
Therefore it’s not surprising that most businesses are increasing their investments in both in-house and outsourced video content to help serve the growing demand for video throughout the customer lifecycle.

According to a statistic, 47% of larger companies (with more than $500 Million or more in annual revenue) are using a combination of internal and external resources to produce their video content. While smaller (with less than $25 Million or more in annual revenue) and mid-sized companies ($25 to $499 Million or more in annual revenue) are using exclusively internal resources to get the job done.*

Video production: A complex process

But no matter whether you are working with internal or external resources a large amount of your time (and money) will end on discussing adaptations with agencies or internal employees. The paths taken by these coordination processes are generally the same as they have been for decades. 

You received a first cut and then you find yourself stuck in a lengthy coordination process with emails written back and forth, endless online- and telephone-conversations and – of course – meetings about adaptations, changes and final wordings. Not to mention the time you lose by waiting for your adaptations.

A smarter way to adapt videos

But is there a way to design that process in a smarter way? Let’s take a look at the adaption of your videos within VARYCON. It follows three simple steps:

1. Data provision

To start your project with VARYCON you provide us with the open data of your video and brief us within the tool which elements shall be variable. Possible variable elements can be, e.g.: texts and claims, packshots, logos, individual scenes, longer sections, animations, music and voice overs. In short: everything!

2. Integration and adaptation

After evaluating the effort required to set up your video template, we integrate the video into VARYCON and provide you with access to the platform. Now you can make your own adjustments to your video in the platform. 

3. Rendering and production

To receive your updated video you confirm the changes and download either a preview or your final high-res video. This process only takes a few minutes.

Organize your team and reduce complexity

Why is this an advantage compared to usual processes? Whether you need to translate texts, exchange graphics or entire scenes, VARYCON allows you to reduce the complexity of adaption and consulting processes – especially within larger teams. 

Varycon allows you to perfectly organize your team and to make the approval process much more efficient, because as a team lead you can check or react to adaptions in a much faster way. You also have the option to include mandatory approvals of preview videos by a workspace lead before team members can render watermark-free high-res version of new videos. Visual Watermarks on pre-rendered videos prevent videos from being used before the approval by defined decision makers.

VARYCON is easy. Everything inside its intuitive CMS is designed for practical usage in companies and the reduction of time within large and mid sized video projects.

You want to learn more about how VARYCON works? Arrange your non-bindingly live-demo here.

* For all numbers in this passage see: Katie Pritchard, 25 New Video Marketing Statistics to Fuel Your Strategy in 2019, URL:

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